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Upper Division

Upper Division

After successful completion of the lower division perquisites requirements within your first thirty hours in the major, you will be moved into Upper Division and assigned to an individual faculty advisor. Prior to the advisement period, you will receive an email reminding you to sign up for an appointment session. You will need to go to the SARS Calendar ( and sign up for an appointment.  Your advisor will have your records and the necessary forms. The key to a successful advisement appointment is being prepared. It is very important to SIGN UP EARLY AND KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENT. Rescheduling is up to the advisor and usually only occurs in the case of verifiable emergencies. The Undergraduate Office does not advise during this period.

This is the procedure:

  1. Receive advisement reminder by email, blackboard or PSYC Listserv.
  2. Sign up on-line for one of the sessions convenient to your schedule.
  3. Review your handbook, look at the available courses on the web or the master schedule, take time to plan courses and write down questions.
  4. Arrive on time for your advisement appointment. Bring a copy of the degree plan, and list of specific courses you plan to take. If you have a minor or a double major bring those requirements with you to your advisement appointment. 

After your advisement appointment, you will return your folder to the Undergraduate Office in 208 Barnwell, complete an advisor evaluation, and turn in the pink copy of your signed advisement form.

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