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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

What are some good reasons to participate in undergraduate research?

-Research experience looks great on an application for graduate school
-It allows you to get hands-on experience with how psychologists conduct their studies

-It lets you learn more about your favorite topic by choosing which professor you want to work with
-It helps students build relationships with faculty members, graduate students, and other mentors
-It can be done for academic credit so students can progress towards their degree while gaining experience

Steps to participating in undergraduate research in the Psychology Department

1. Choose which professor you want to work with.  This can be done by forming a relationship in class, or by searching the Faculty Research Database.
2. Contact the professor and let them know when you are interested in working with them.  The professor will let you know if they are accepting students for that semester.
3. Have the professor fill out an independent study form for you.  (You can pick up blank forms from the Undergraduate Office in Barnwell.)
4. Bring the filled out form to the Undergraduate Office in Barnwell to have it signed.
5. Turn the completed form in to the Registrar's Office.

Questions?  Contact the Undergraduate Office at (803) 777-7674 or
For information about other undergraduate research opportunities on campus, check out the Office of Undergraduate Research at