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Training in Quantitative Psychology

Psychologists view human behavior as a complex phenomenon, stemming from multiple causes. Although psychological constructs may seem straightforward, they can be challenging to measure and study. Quantitative Psychology involves research into methodology, measurement, and statistics as applied to the study of human behavior to address these challenges. 

Quantitative psychology is an area of emphasis in the University of South Carolina Department of Psychology in which students can conduct research and receive training. Quantitative psychologists in the department develop and apply statistical methodology to a wide range of applied problems including, but not limited to, substance use, physical activity/obesity, and neuroimaging. The collaboration between quantitative research and other areas in psychology builds synergy in the department. At the PhD level there are several opportunities for advanced training in Quantitative Psychology. Applied students from any of the  three PhD programs in the department  can receive additional training in quantitative methods and earn a certificate of concentration in Quantitative Methods for Psychology. Applied students desiring additional technical training may also earn a Concentration in Applied Statistics or a Masters in Applied Statistics from the Department of Statistics. Students interested in Quantitative Methods as a primary training area can can work directly with one of the faculty in Quantitative Psychology to earn a PhD as preparation for a career in this area.