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Quantitative Concentration

The Quantitative Concentration is designed for students doing research in an applied area in one of the three PhD programs who want to take extra methodological courses which complement their area of applied research. The concentration provides an official recognition that the student has completed additional quantitative training in, and potentially outside, the department.

Students in each PhD program have the option of declaring a concentration in Quantitative Methods in Psychology. Concentration requirements are: (a) The student must be accepted to a University of South Carolina Psychology Department Doctoral Program (Clinical-Community, School, or Experimental) and (b) The student must make a B or better in four courses (12 hours) that have 710 as a pre-requisite (i.e., advanced quantitative courses). The basic quantitative methods sequence (709/710) do not court, nor do assessment or methods classes. Courses must be at the 700 level or higher. (c. Two of the four courses (6 hours) are required to be taught in the department (d) The third and fourth courses can optionally be taught in another department contingent upon approval from the Director of their PhD program. No separate application is needed for the quantitative concentration.