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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Psychology INTERNAL


It is important to carefully prepare for your appointment with your advisor. He or she cannot adequately help you if you do not properly prepare. Please review the below prerequisites prior to your visit. We look forward to seeing you!

Student Responsibilities

  • Prepare for advising session
    • Have a list of courses you plan to take
    • Have a copy of your degree plan
    • Have a copy of your degree requirements for your minor
    • Review the Undergraduate Bulletin;
  • Schedule and attend academic advising appointment
    • Follow links to appointment scheduling
    • Login using your Blackboard username and ID
    • If  you can’t make your scheduled appointment, cancel it in a timely manner
  • Visit your school/college website often for information on academic dates, polices and procedure. 
  • Accept responsibility for your decisions and actions. Seek assistance and ask questions when needed.

*Please note that all transfer students, despite their status in the former school, are placed in lower division advisement for at least one semester.