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Department of Psychology INTERNAL

Focus on Diversity

The Department of Psychology is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion for all students, faculty, and staff.

The Department works with the support of our Diversity Committee to:

  1. Create a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive environment for all faculty, students and staff.
  2. Teach courses that prepare students to succeed in a diverse and global society.
  3. Train students in research and practice that addresses issues of diversity and culture.
  4. Provide graduate training that prepares students to become psychologists who will meet the needs of a diverse and global society.
  5. Provide professional development opportunities that enhance learning about diversity and inclusion.

Student Feedback Forum

The Student Feedback Forum was created as a formal way for students to share their ideas, comments, or suggestions based on their experiences in the department. The Psychology-Student Advisory Board (P-SAB) has always been a place for students to have a voice, but not all students are able to attend our meetings. Therefore, the forum is a place where graduate students in all 3 programs can have their voices heard. The forum is managed by two current students who collect, de-identify, and summarize the responses throughout the semester. The summaries are presented monthly to the faculty by the program student representatives. 

Our hope for this initiative is to inform faculty and staff of the day to day experiences of students and to inform policy and practice change within the psychology department. A link to the forum is sent out periodically to all students as a reminder of the forum.